Lowberg wrote: May 4th, 2020, 2:27 pm AJ here's a video of random measurements in case this helps.

I kinda lost steam on this project when that new photo proved the sliver lens base is now back in the "partially unidentified" realm lol
In searching for other microscope and telescope adapters, the Mirax lenses are the only ones that have the thin band where the retention screw is mounted. We can probably extrapolate the proper dimensions to get ones machined, but I agree that this might be an extremely rare adapter that the prop department somehow stumbled onto.

Are we certain that Mirax didn't have any other versions that what was shown in the manual? I'm fairly new to the goggle lens hunt but there has to be someone who might know if other vendors offered compatible adapters?
I think the goggles broke and were re-assembled a few times during filming, or there were multiple versions. I think it looks best with the glass sitting in beneath the silver ring.

FYI the silver ring is just a thin piece of aluminum that acts like a clamp to secure the microscope adapters to a microscope eyepiece. The front-most thumb screws put pressure on it and it "tightens" to clamp down. The lower thumb screws are to secure the upper halfs to the lower halfs.

The right eye silver optic has a very small internal lip to the edge so it could have been mounted from the inside and pushed up against the edge. The left eye shorter optic probably had the lense underneath the silver band as there's a small ledge there too, but the silver band fits almost exact so they probably had to modify it a bit
Great info, thanks. I actually hadn't realized that the original parts never contained lenses of any kind, and simply clamped onto microscope parts. I had some eyepiece replicas 3d printed in steel and nylon recently, and I've been going back and forth on how to secure the glass lenses. I did make an aluminum insert ring for the left eye, and I agree that it definitely looks nicer with the glass underneath it.

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