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3D printed Neutrino Wand and Proton Pack with Arduino lights and sounds
by CountDeMonet -  - in: Proton Packs
708 Replies
by 2wED1
Are Iona polishers still wanted re Spirit PKE meters
by MOSUGOJI -  - in: General Ghostbusters Discussion
3 Replies
Janine desk button plans?
by rkavanagh -  - in: Other Props
0 Replies
by rkavanagh
Pchrisbosh1's Scratchbuild GB1 Hero Shell Replica Legendary Edition - UPDATE 8/7/22
by pchrisbosh1 -  - in: Proton Packs
38 Replies
by mburkit
Anywhere to find the Spirit Halloween walkie talkie, or a cheap alternative?
by VenomSymbiote -  - in: Other Props
10 Replies
by gman666
GBFans Shop - Increase in Shipping Rate Errors
by AJ Quick -  - in: Site Updates
0 Replies
by AJ Quick
Spirit Pack Modifying
by Rossco86 -  - in: Proton Packs
14 Replies
by Rossco86
The man who assaulted Rick Moranis will be sentenced to two years in prison
by Kingpin -  - in: Ghostbusters News
0 Replies
by Kingpin
The real Ghostbusters proton pack electronics
by prestonkay -  - in: Proton Packs
3 Replies
by prestonkay
NEW Ghostbusters References?
by GhostbusterRayStantz -  - in: General Ghostbusters Discussion
1389 Replies
by BRD 527
Rick Moranis assault: update
by Kingpin -  - in: Ghostbusters News
6 Replies
by mrmichaelt
"The Grundel", from the original ABC broadcast
by Vahan -  - in: Ghostbusters Cartoons
5 Replies
by timeware
Custom Kenner RGB Figures
by tw1478 -  - in: Collectibles
67 Replies
by tw1478
Ghostbusters II in Disney+'s "Light & Magic"
by mrmichaelt -  - in: General Ghostbusters Discussion
0 Replies
by mrmichaelt
GB2 Charcoal Grey Suit - Pictures and Dye Recipe
by Jairus -  - in: Uniforms
136 Replies
by universalcreature
My Van Horne Pneumatic Transit 3D Model [WIP]
by SpenglerTrance -  - in: Ghostbusters Video Games
16 Replies
by SpenglerTrance
GBFans Shop - Trap Parts Restocks & more
by GBFans -  - in: Site Updates
0 Replies
by GBFans
by DancingToaster -  - in: Introductions
3 Replies
by Shred Dog20
Looking for Elmer Bernstein's Ghostbusters sheet music
by Skraag -  - in: General Ghostbusters Discussion
15 Replies
by JayM
Pee Wee Herman is ready for Ghostbusters Day are you?
by PaulDx508 -  - in: Fan Art
5 Replies
Spirit Slimer Sealer (SSS)
by PHILLIPS -  - in: Other Props
0 Replies
How did I miss that?!?
by Coover5 -  - in: General Ghostbusters Discussion
747 Replies
by One time
GB1 and GB2 commentary?
by One time -  - in: General Discussion
1 Replies
by mrmichaelt
GBFans Shop - New Pack Parts, Restocks
by GBFans -  - in: Site Updates
0 Replies
by GBFans

Does anyone know how to add a vibrating/ rumble mo[…]

I have one that I bought years ago. It's in one o[…]

Janine desk button plans?

Hi- Does anyone have any plans or know of anyone […]