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[SPOILERS] Ghostbusters: Afterlife discussion thread
by deadderek -  - in: Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2020)
11367 Replies
by deadderek
Hasbro's Ghostbusters Plasma Series Spengler's Neutrona Wand
by kahuna900 -  - in: Collectibles
104 Replies
by ROBOrob77
Hasbro Pulse Con 2020 Includes Ghostbusters!
by Prime 1986 -  - in: Collectibles
13 Replies
by ccv66
My Anovos Proton Pack Build
by Marcus B -  - in: Proton Packs
21 Replies
by venkman71
My proton pack is RUBBISH!
by Mercifull -  - in: Proton Packs
2 Replies
by Mercifull
Looking to add an amplifier to GBFans soundboard.
by Spectregater -  - in: Tutorials & Guides
0 Replies
by Spectregater
My newly created Proton Pack kits
by azuma -  - in: Proton Packs
18 Replies
by Dr.D
Looking for Real Ghostbusters Original Animation cel's
by EctoGlow -  - in: Wanted
1 Replies
by darthbuster
Spongeface Vent relay
by ghosthunter64 -  - in: Wanted
1 Replies
by darthbuster
"Can you identify the substance in this jar marked Exhibit F?" (Pyrex Beaker)
by Alex Newborn -  - in: Other Props
1 Replies
by darthbuster
Owl & Anchor New Ghostbuster Patches
by kahuna900 -  - in: Collectibles
1 Replies
by darthbuster
Spiderfan2k3: First Pack Build (aka Gladys) with pics
by SpiderFan2k3 -  - in: Proton Packs
45 Replies
by EnderWeggen
New mods to my Rubies Ghostbusters Proton Pack
by kahuna900 -  - in: Proton Packs
11 Replies
by kahuna900
GBFans Shop - Pack Parts Restocks & more
by GBFans -  - in: Site Updates
0 Replies
by GBFans
Plasma series Proton pack!?
by Anjin84 -  - in: Proton Packs
21 Replies
by Zantsumei
Spirit Halloween Proton Pack Mod Guide
by Artenteri -  - in: Tutorials & Guides
3 Replies
by kahuna900
News column question
by mrmichaelt -  - in: Site Feedback
8 Replies
by mrmichaelt
GBFans Soundboard not working
by richand26mhz -  - in: Proton Packs
8 Replies
by richand26mhz
NYTF: Hasbro reveals Kenner Classics
by Kingpin -  - in: Ghostbusters News
281 Replies
by deadderek
Ghostbusters: Monthly - THEY'RE BACK!
by Kingpin -  - in: Ghostbusters Comic Books
3812 Replies
by mrmichaelt
Ghostbusters PC Build
by Kris Butterill -  - in: Other Props
19 Replies
by Kris Butterill
Real Ghostbusters 4K Remake - A Fan Project (Non-Animated)
by Chicken, He Clucked -  - in: Ghostbusters Cartoons
17 Replies
by Chicken, He Clucked
Please Help. Is there step by step instructions available using only the parts sold on GBfans?
by RichardLess -  - in: Proton Packs
3 Replies
by Kingpin
How would you tie in the original series and the ATC?
by Coover5 -  - in: Ghostbusters: Answer the Call (2016)
26 Replies
by joezlo
The GB II soundtrack is the better of the two soundtracks
by 69428scj -  - in: General Ghostbusters Discussion
20 Replies
by joezlo
Another Scratch Built GB1 Pack (Image Heavy)
by Robrebooted -  - in: Fan Props
11 Replies
by jonogunn
Ghostbusters Desk Lamp/Wall Light
by Ectojeff88 -  - in: Collectibles
3 Replies
by Ectojeff88
A possible way to link the 4 ghostbusters movie via ghostbusters afterlife
by darthbuster -  - in: Ghostbusters: Afterlife (2020)
12 Replies
by jonogunn
Looking for MT-500 sound module
by LynxKim -  - in: Wanted
1 Replies
by NotSabbat
The Return of MILKY WHITE Hat Lights
by AJ Quick -  - in: Proton Packs
59 Replies
by Marcus B
Anyone on here like to watch the youtube show Atop the 4th Wall?
by Winston1986 -  - in: General Discussion
0 Replies
by Winston1986
Looking for (ideally) Semi-Hero/stunt shell, motherboard, Volguus bumper and resin-cast metal parts
by bromie -  - in: Wanted
10 Replies
by Torwen
Hooking up MIni vape smoke machine to work with the vent sequence on the matty spirit blaster board
by yankeetrex -  - in: Proton Packs
1 Replies
by ccv66
Walmart Ghost Trap Modding
by Punk0627 -  - in: Ghost Traps
51 Replies
by LynxKim
My Rubie's Walmart exclusive Ghostbusters ghost trap mod
by kahuna900 -  - in: Ghost Traps
8 Replies
by kahuna900
Smooth-On Shell Shock for shell casting?
by iggabor -  - in: Proton Packs
9 Replies
by iggabor
Numskull to release Ghostbusters sign wall/desk lamp
by Kingpin -  - in: Ghostbusters News
3 Replies
by Chicken, He Clucked
New to the forum, hoping to meet the locals.
by Anjin84 -  - in: Introductions
3 Replies
by Kingpin
Like/Dislike Buttons not working
by mrmichaelt -  - in: Site Feedback
4 Replies
by mrmichaelt
Addressing Rumors of Credit Card Fraud
by AJ Quick -  - in: Site Updates
2 Replies
by Anjin84

If you are referring to me I said the revised trai[…]

Has anyone who ordered from hasbro received their […]

I think kenner ecto1 would be a great. But they ar[…]

My Anovos Proton Pack Build

Fantastic build coming along there.