Write a quick introduction to introduce yourself.
By Dove
Hey GB community, just wanted to introduce myself. Like most of you I've been a fan of GB since 1984 and have only recently been assembling some "bustin' gear" of my own so I've been lurking and learning from so many of you for the last few years, so a big thanks for that. I'm also a professional artist and am looking forward to dropping some of my GB art on everyone soon. I'm also looking forward to meeting some other Savannah Ga area busters as we ramp up to the release of the anticipated GB Afterlife. Thanks for being such a great group of fans! -Dove
By jpetrutis81
Unfortunately I just left Savannah for the Huntsville, AL area. I believe that there are a few busters that are over near Hinesville/Fort Stewart. Hopefully BatmanALL sees this post and can chime in. Either way, welcome!
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By Dove
I'll have to reach out to them, I'm trying to organize an event at one of the theaters here when Afterlife premiers and I would love to have a bunch of folks there in gear.
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