By alrikdale
Hello, I'm a newbie to the forum and I am in the middle of building my first pack which is very intimidating but Fun!
I just purchased the GB Fan Speaker and received it in the mail today. So how do I go about hooking it up to my GB Fan Soundboard? Any advice would be helpful thanks much
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By Alex Venkman
I hope I got your question right, but on the soundboard is a clearly marked Speaker output (down left on the pic).
You connect the minus out to the minus lug on the speaker and so you do with plus.
Hope this helps. Or have I missed something...?

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By Fitzhume
Like Alex has stated, but you will need some speaker wire for this. The wire doesn't come with the speaker that is sold through the shop here. On the speaker itself, you will find the positive and negative symbols as well. Just match them accordingly and you should have no problem.
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