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By TKTC Ralph

I would like to just follow up and see if my order #33606 is still scheduled to ship out on Feb. 15th next week?

By TKTC Ralph
Anyone? And also I checked my bank statements and I was already charged for my order on 1/12/18.
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By Kingpin
I don't have access to customer accounts/order info, but if it's saying the 15th, then it should go out on that date, unless it's part of a special order (which are subject to potential delay due to the manufacturer).
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By Kingpin
TKTC Ralph wrote:It's a special order. 12 volt rechargeable battery.

Ah. I hope that it does go out on the 15th, however as I mentioned above, runs of items like the blue brick can be affected by delays with the manufacturer supplying the stock.
By TKTC Ralph
I received an update lil while ago. My new estimated ship date is Feb 26th. Hopefully this is it....
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