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By doctorevil30564
Screw holes were in it, but most of them didn't line up. I had to drill new ones for most of them. Here are more pictures, it's mostly done now other than weathering and maybe new stickers. I attached the battery packs using Velcro.
By Darthinvictus
Nice. I have extra metal elbows and some brass connectors. And a lathe and whatnot. We should get together at some point. I can help with a few upgrades. Perhaps you could give some arduino pointers.
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By doctorevil30564
I'm actually going to sell this pack so I can concentrate on my resin pack. I'm new to Arduino stuff myself, once I get my resin pack finished I'll be trying to build a Arduino powered 3d printed PKE meter. Hopefully I'll be able to make it work and look decent.
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