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By SuperDuperCK
If you want a cool walking/wizard staff and you travel by foot at dusk or dawn, you need a "Power Stick." Get a good size stick, good enough for you to walk a lot with. By a garden/lawn solar lamp that stick in the ground for about a dollar. Take the light and the solar panel off the rod. Put the two pieces on the top part of the stick and wrap it with some glow in the dark tape, just the part of the light that fits over the stick. Wrap something like wire from a craft store around the taped part of the solar light. This helps keep the light from falling off. Add some more glow in the dark tape around the stick, Wrap the stick in some kind of cool design and have it go all around the stick. This is so you can see the stick at night and be able to pick it up and not trip over it. Also, it helps others like in cars to see you too. Paint/Stain the stick if you like and you have a weapon that shines a beckon of light into the darkens and shadows. As well as, it can been seen when it gets dark and helps you see some what when it gets hard to see in dim light and in the dark. I will post some pictures of mine soon. In a few days maybe some video.
PS- "The Power Stick" can be used in place of a flash light that need batteries for times like power outages. It can light up a room with a soft white glow of light, but unlike a flash light you will not be able to focus it on one fixed object. But having a light that shines well near you and good enough to see outlines of the objects around you so you do not bump into them is good. How bright it shines and the color of the light depends on the light source used. And if you make a cool enough "Power Stick" you can use it to walk with during the day too. Its good for bad backs and aching legs and feet when used for walking in general. And it is good as a portable night light for those scared of the dark or for someone that wants to get around without bumping into something well going to switch the lights on or off too. The main idea in its design its ability is to glow and light up in dark areas and being able to be a great handy walking stick. If you accomplish these things you have made a great "Power Stick." The design might vary from person to person depending on person's size and personal tastes and creativity. And remember you should have it long enough to reach the ground up to about eye level or a few inches talker. Also, remember, its a fancy solar powered walking stick not a fancy cane. :) :cool: :)

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