Post pictures up of your Props, or a link to your prop gallery on Ghostbusters Fans.
Hi everyone , first off let me start by saying thank god for this site , what an amazing resource !
And there are truly somesome epic builds ! Congrats
If your a super fan an uber nerd or just a total geek most people you know don't get you so places like this let you connect with new friends who are like minded ! I like to build and paint stuff ! I love science fiction and I love hardware . When I can make something plastic look metal and blink flash make noise I'm a kid in a candy store . So several months ago I purchased the fiberglass shell and a bunch of weird looking parts , absolutely love the movie but I know nothing about building the technology that was used . I have a really good friend who lives in California who has a very nice proton pack and about 10 days ago I had them send me pics it was at that point I realized I really wanted to build The proton pack . I'm new to this so I haven't posted any pictures yet and I'm still figuring my way around the site hopefully pictures to follow shortly

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