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By Zephore
This is my first attempt at building a Proton Pack and I thought it would be fun to chronicle my progress on here. My goal is to have it finished by October 1, plenty of time for Halloween when my fiance and I are getting married. I have no intention of making my Proton Pack movie-accurate. We need to ship this costumes for our wedding, so my goals are to make it durable and lightweight (to keep shipping costs down).

I've made the body out of some foam sheets called Foamular I found at Home Depot. It's really easy to cut into the shape I need. The body will be two sheets thick in order to give it some depth. The sides will have panels are cut from ProVent. The other pieces are a colander from Home Goods and an exhaust vent grate.

Here are the parts I used and what I've assembled so far...


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