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By GhostPrime
I made a decent looking belt Gizmo. Still need to add some pieces to the right side.

I found the Shelf and PCB on Thingiverse, and used pend for the Nixis. The Daughterboard is from an old 80s phone I found at goodwill. I added a red wire and the plug for the cord. The clip I cut from a belt clip for my phone case I never use.

What do you think?

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By Macktacular
Hey, that's pretty neat! I'm actually working on my own belt gizmo right now and using a landline phone for the main portion of it too. It helps that it comes with a way to easily attach the curly cord to the 2 pieces. Are you going to have this in a pouch, or place a clip on it and clip it directly onto your belt?

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