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By Van Halen
I'm currently working on re-creating the Ecto-Plazm container label in Illustrator/photoshop for a personal project i have in mind.

But with the lack of good hi-res reference material of the whole container (start to end) it's very difficult to create a convincing label with just the right shapes, bubbles, effects, etc.

If anyone still owns a Ecto-Plazm container (any color) and is willing to help me out by photographing or scanning ;-) the container (the pictures do not need to be aligned) you be a lifesaver.

From what i've seen online all the different colors have somewhat different slime designs so any or all colors are welcome my progress at this point:


As you can see many details are still missing.
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By EJLambert
Have you tried contacting Mr.Ghostbuster on Facebook? I bet he's got a bunch of those things.
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By Van Halen
Hi GBDRE760,

Sorry for the late response, forgot to subscribe for this topic.

Currently, this project is on hold, i have a hard time tracking down a good usable picture of single whole container. The image published above, is made in Illustrator, and the logo is traced from a low res image of a can i found online (since it differs in size/proportions with the actual movie logo).

With some post work in Photoshop.

Long time fan, so the project will not die, i just have no means of continuing, seeing that a actual can cost many $$$ on Ebay...
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By joeghostbuster
is this still being worked on? I would love an HD scan of the full label, and/or a HD recreation of the full label - I have to imagine it's tough to get the label off the can without ripping the paper, so you'd have literally have to scan part of it, roll it about 1/4", take another scan, and so on, do that about, oh, 20 times and stitch them together in photoshop. I am certainly crazy enough to do it, but I will never be able to get my hands on a can of it in order to scan it or take HD photos.
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