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By madhatter
So after lots of research I felt that the shape of this elbow pad was the correct one for GB1.



I have been waiting for 2 weeks now to get the package in the mail. I tracked it online and saw that it was to be delivered today. I practically ran to the door from my car when I got home from work. I ripped open the package to find this:


What the shit! I have no clue how I will ever get those stickers off, yet alone the fact that the shape is closer to the GB2 design.

:x :x :x
By GBFreek83
LoL! Damn it all to hell, I feel your pain. I too have been bothered by this elbow pad dilemma!!! I actually found some elbow pads by a company called Infinity, elbow or knee I forgot, but they were spot on!!

Man, you should send those back and say HEY, these do NOT look like the picture man!! Refund or send correct!!


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By Spooky
Wait till you put them on your arms and hate all that extra material as I did when I got mine.
By bigjuan2001
Yeah mine say Franklin but for $6 I said whatever. I thought maybe I could just scratch them off but that's a no no.
By hotshotdraw
Heat them and lightly sand them, then fabric paint over it. Good luck!
By uscm buzz
Hey ghostbusters freek.. the company doenst carry the ones in the pic.. they now have the ones recieved.. been that way for awhile.. to them.. the new pad is the equlivilant product sold for safety purposes.. they dont care about it being the exact model as its a safety item.. .. in most cases yea you can try sending it back.. but they will charge a restock fee and you pay shipping back.. so it aint worth it to send them back.. you sell them or use them.. flat out..
By Faceofthejester
Well i had the same problem with the extra elastic in the pads but what i did was i flipped the pad inside out and pulled the extra from both sides in and stitched "tacks" every half an inch at the end of the material(which was now in the center of the inside of the pad. That way the pads maintain the elbow pad look and never come undone and as far as returning it. he can say that the picture is of a larger pad because it is. Those older ones are longer in the pad area so they sent not only a different style but different size and pictures are everything and restocking fee's can't be charged if items not correct. i argued over fittings i ordered because the were way to large and didn't match the picture at all i picture of a small hex head 90 degree elbow is not closely matched by and rectangular box twice the size and and twice the width and i told the person i would like to speak to someone higher then them and they changed there tune because the company knew that there lazy attitude was at fault. If the add or discription doesn't state "item pictured may be different then item shipped" then you are to expect the item pictured is what your getting.
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By ghoulishfright
Does anyone have pics of the Martin pads while wearing them? I wanna know what they actually look like in action, cuz if they look decent I'll probably get some. From the package they look okay in my book. If only a little flat and circular....
By jhsanny
I must be the only one who's put mine in nearly boiling water to dye them? Or maybe there was some kind of mineral in my water here that helped this process, but as I stated in another thread, boiling the pads (as it is directed to do upon dying them, according to my RIT dye directions) loosens and peals away the lettering on the pads so that you never even knew letters were once on the product. No sanding, cutting, pealing, etc.. that may lead to the result of destroyed pads - just heat up some water in a pot on the stove, and drop them in.
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By gbmatt
the extra elastic on my pads i just fold it under right now but thats just temporary
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By ghoulishfright
ghoulishfright wrote:Does anyone have pics of the Martin pads while wearing them?

I would really appreciate it. :wink:

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