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I really liked the Ghostbusters weapons they had in GB The Video Game, comics, and Ghostbusters 2016 (didn't like the movie itself though.)

It's interesting that in the main movie arc they have the classic Wand, Ghost Trap, and Slime Blower. I'm surprised they didn't have more weapons.

What are some weapons you wish they had in the GB franchise?
Defiantly the Ecto Grenades from the IDW comic books since they have helped out quite a bit each time they have appeared.
The un-used Statis Mines from the 2009 video game (photo-realistic version) also sound like they wound be really helpful in detaining ghosts during a mass haunting until they could be trapped. Also, one of my favorite weapons in the video game is the Boson Dart. It near gets old for me using it to clear obstacles out of the way or weaken ghosts so they can be trapped.
Yes that's a very satisfying weapon ^

Some things I'd like to see:
- Machine Gun / Gattling Gun-style Proton Weapon: Something that hits ghosts with rapid energy
- Proton Pack that also Sucks Ghosts and Traps them: Like a proton pack with a mini-trap attached.
- Proton Gloves: Same idea as the 2016, but attached to a better GB movie.

Obviously the machine gun and gloves wouldn't fit the OG Ghostbusters, but maybe a later set of Ghostbusters.

Also why was there never a proton pack that could also trap a ghost, if even just singularly?
By zeta otaku
The thing with a pack equipped trap... that requires the entity to get WAY too close to the guy trying to trap it who is ALSO wearing a mini-nuke reactor.

I would've loved to see another time they used those laser grid trap things in the crystal shop in GBII. THAT was a cool toy.

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