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By Slime Lord
The other two not so well-liked Ghostbusters films depending on who you ask. The only sequel to the universally beloved original and the extremely divisive 2016 reboot. Which of the two do you prefer?

GB2 and it's not even a contest. Always thought it was a great sequel and I enjoy it as much as the original. I find it just as clever and creative as the first and like the first it has a wonderful balance of Horror and humor. I can never imagine Ghostbusters without GB2.

The reboot wasn't as bad as expected but not good, either. It had potential and even some okay moments but overall was heavily bogged down by the immature jokes and flat humor, insulting stereotypes of both genders, non-threatening lead villain and very cartoony visuals. A movie I forgot about right after I saw it. GB2 for me is just as enjoyable and memorable as the first. I struggle to remember much of anything from the reboot. It's unfortunate because the reboot had great potential and even showed signs of intelligence at times, but it's all caught up in the numerous things wrong with it.
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By Esbe77
Ghostbusters 2 was my first Ghostbusters I saw in theatres back in the day (wow, 30 years next year... D: ). At the time, I liked it even more than the first, probably because I was the target audience. As time went on, I liked it less and less, but since 2016's flick, Ghostbusters 2 came back with nostalgic memories: seeing it with my father and sister, renting it endlessly on VHS, the feeling of watching something I was hoping was only the second of many films to come (boy, was I wrong), drew imaginary posters of what the logo would look like till Ghostbusters 10 (hardly a chance for that to happen) XD

You can say because of Ghostbusters 2, summer of 1989 (yeah, same summer as the kids from the new "It"... OMG!! The parallels!!!) turned out to be an awesome one.

But I grew up a very sarcastic, cynical adult that completely rendered me impervious to whatever would NOT be Ghostbusters 3. I won't delve into why I wanted a Ghostbusters 3, it's been talked to death and even hurt any and all sequels from ever happening, so I'll keep it shut.

And so, the reboot had me poker-faced throughout the entire thing. I did not laugh, I did not completely hate, but I certainly was not entertained. The humor fell flat on its face, the pacing of the story was almost non-existent, the cameos were waste of good talents, etc. Honestly, until the movie started, I was sincerely hoping the trailers were only going to be trolling and we were going to see the REAL movie on-screen. And man did that help me descend to new levels of "non-entertainment".

The only good memory I got out of it? Here it is: it was my first event with my Ghostbusters friends. We dressed up, welcomed people, took photos, etc. It was a hell of a fun ride just to meet with people and have them feel like we were legit ghost hunters.

Now, I can't say the 2016 movie is the worse thing that could happen in the world, but it certainly is enough of a bad thing to have crippled the franchise. However, I do happen to watch it from time to time to reminisce what time I got with my friends, so it's still a bitter-sweet sentiment rather than a completely bitter one.

But Ghostbusters 2 takes the cake (and eats it too). It's sure not as good as the first one, but it does feel like seeing old friends you had not heard from in ages. You meet, greet, have a good time together and when it's time to part ways, you feel it was worth it.
By Slime Lord
Esbe77 wrote:But Ghostbusters 2 takes the cake (and eats it too). It's sure not as good as the first one, but it does feel like seeing old friends you had not heard from in ages. You meet, greet, have a good time together and when it's time to part ways, you feel it was worth it.

Such a great way to describe GB2. It's like being with old friends on a new adventure and having a great time.
By One time
If you haven't done so I would recommend you to watch the "extended" edition of ATC. It had me seriously laughing hard. The theatrical release was nowhere near the same. Maybe because of the really absurd humor or adult language, I don't know.
By Esbe77
I actually have watched it.

And somehow, it still just won't stick with me. There's something in me that just can't be as open-minded to accept THIS as the FIRST Ghostbusters movie in 27 years (not like they didn't have time to prepare something GOOD), but honestly, I just can't watch it for more than 45 minutes.

I was one of the people who hated the trailer and stayed poker-faced during the entire screening (thank God it was free)... and the first time the extended edition got to play, there was the same poker-face... except it had a bit of added cringe because of all the dance numbers and more empty improv moments :/

What can I say, I'm showing my age and my discontent for poorly put together products that pass as movies :/
By One time
I think it's a process of seeing it as something "different" than prime GB (1984) which is also my favorite. But I love all Ghostbusters.

1984 Ghostbusters (The realistic, deadpan, nuanced, supremely funny, Nolan, Dark Knight version of Ghostbusters)
1985 Filmations Ghostbusters (Ghostbusters on acid) yes I love this too.
1986 The Real Ghostbusters (Prime Ghostbusters in surreal dreams)
1989 GB2 (Ghostbusters Pure)
1997 Extreme Ghostbusters (Sepulchral, Haunting, Ghostbusters)
2009 GB:TVG (The long awaited, awesome, fanservice Ghostbusters III in a format that you are actually inside of)
2016 Ghostbusters ATC extended (Ghostbusters dialled upto 11, absurd, insane, -over the top- in terms of comedy, coarse language but also special effects)

As soon as I try to shoehorn a certain release into the 1984 mould I end up disappointed. But stand alone I appreciate them all.
By Esbe77
Well, you certainly have a more open mind than I do...

Recently, I grew quite cynical (for personal reasons) and lost quite a lot of faith in today's cinema... I'll admit it made me less open to "mistakes" or movies that could have been done so much better, especially when one movie has 27 years to develop... let's just say you have the best approach.

I, on the other hand, have become mostly uncompromising... especially when studios can put as much money as needed on screen.

Yeah, I'm just an old fart who wants to see the glory of the 80s back on screen with all its political incorrectness, bizarre humor, comedic performances and fun antics that I oh so miss from today's flicks...

However, I have to say not all recent movies are bad: Deadpool, Mad Max Fury Road, War of the planet of the Apes, 2005's King Kong, Godzilla (2014) and more, are among my favorite popcorn blockbusters because most of them took chances (not all, but most).
By One time
Esbe77 wrote:
Yeah, I'm just an old fart who wants to see the glory of the 80s back on screen with all its political incorrectness, bizarre humor, comedic performances and fun antics that I oh so miss from today's flicks...

Agree. Stuff has gotten stale recently in certain respects, but better in terms of others. But as with most large scale entertainment projects, economics has begun to play a larger part nowadays.

Now with ATC (extended being much better IMO) the expectation was simply too great. Yeah they should have used the real prime characters as cameo's sure. But fanservice was very well done by Feig. It was an expensive, well shot, pretty well written greatly Effects driven piece. It really wasn't that bad. I feel good that it breathed life into the franchise.

I think they should mix and match the 84 and 16 characters. Imagine if Holtzmann ended up in '84 in some dimensional rift, meeting the guys. The possibilities for comedy in contrastic the world of the 80's with todays is immense. Egon: "that woman terrifies me Ray". Or Venkman and Yates driving each other nuts. Or one of the prime guys ending up today, helping along in a bust, etc. I'd love to see that. In a way it would transcend the divide in the franchise and embrace it by acknowledging everyone 80's and today, and make everyone happy.
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By H2Ghost
Honestly? I don't think GB2 was that much better than the reboot. While the reboot had a lot of problems it probably had just as many funny parts as GB2 did. You could just tell with GB2 they were doing it because they had to, not because they really wanted to.
By Styrofoam_Guy
I rewatched GB2 recently and it reminded me that I felt that the movie was a repeat of the first movie when I saw it in the theaters when it was first released. I felt a bit disappointed after seeing that movie in the theaters.

I enjoyed ATC and for me it brought me back into the fandom. Before that I had left the fandom as the forums to me had nothing new. I was not into the cartoons, comics or video games. I find this has happened with the Space 1999 and Stargate forums. With Stargate there were so many threads on the episodes, costumes and props. It was surprising how quickly the forums died when there were no new episodes.
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