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By E. Weinstein
Hey, man! I was wondering about the same thing. I've been looking for the Baltimore franchise for a while now with no luck. I know they used to exist. Anyway, I'm so down to help get a franchise back up and running so we can be ghostbusters and do what ghostbusters do!
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By DrTaydusPE
Hey guys! Just a quick heads up. I'm part of the Charm City Ghostbusters based out of Baltimore.

The Baltimore Ghostbusters kind of fell apart, but we've been covering a lot of events in the Baltimore & DC area in the last few months.


We helped promote Lyft's Ghost Mode by doing two different TV appearances; we helped promote Maryland Live's Ecto 1 Giveaway on Fox 45; we've also been working with Sony and appearing at screenings of the new movie and the original. Plenty of other big things on the horizon too!

Our Ecto is the next thing we're working on:
She's a beauty...just needs shocks, paint, floorboards...and a few other things.

Definitely check out our page.

Definitely don't want anyone to feel like Maryland isn't well represented by Ghostheads!

Hope to talk to you all soon!
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By pyhasanon
Oh, hey, I didn't realize that I had a franchise near me (other than my own)! I'm the event coordinator for the Ghostbusters, Virginia, but I have done events with two MD members from Glen Burnie... I may live in VA, but I live pretty close to MD (in fact, I am in Bethesda right now as I type this)...
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