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By rcaudill82
That's right! All Baltimore area Ghostbusters are you ready to believe? We are! A new franchise is in the works and we want to hear from you! If you are interested in joining now is the time to speak up. We want this to be the biggest best franchise Baltimore has ever had but we can't do that with you. Let's hear some things you would like to see, do and be a part of. We are open for suggestions on everything. So what do you say??? I love this town so let's make it happen.
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By rcaudill82
Baltimore where are you at? I know there has to be some true faithful fan that are wanting to start this franchise. I've read over and over in the topics that people wanted a Baltimore franchise and it is finally going to happen. We just need great people on the team. So what do you say... Anyone out there interested? We are going to be based out of Baltimore but we want to get the State of Maryland involved.

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