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By ImLost3
I'll definitely meet up at you place Rich. I assume we want to get there at 10 so I'll try to be at you place around 9:30.

Also, would you like me to bring the suspenders rig with the Flashlight and radio? I think I'm bringing my GB:VG pack, so the suspenders would be a nice match to that.
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By Spengs
Bill: You can bring the suspenders rig if you want, I might go in a slightly different direction with the gear. Something that sounds like it could work for a small area con like this. Basically The Real Ghostbusters.

Meeting up at my house around 9:30 should be fine.
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By Spengs
I found out from Jersey Shore Comic Book Show that BBC News (out of Washington, uh I guess not London) will be in my part of of Jersey to cover this. Seems surprising to me. JSCB is saying fans could be interviewed. I saw another attendee was writing on media outlets Facebook pages such as News 12, which makes more sense then BBC News. And radio stations such as Z100 out of NY. I couldn't see them being there, maybe more regional radio stations. I don't know.
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By Spengs
All: The Asbury Park Press or Press as they go by paper wise wrote an article about JSCBS. I saw a couple people who are going to it share the article on Facebook.

Ghostbusters were mentioned as a group who will be in attendance. I get why APP used the pic they did, no way the Elks Lodge is going to that spacious.

Article ... /18973931/
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By Spengs
All: I updated our site (haven't written a blog post for it) with two site updates. First I finally made the time to create a links section. Part of the reason I hadn't was because we were getting re-established last year and between GB Inc/Ecto-Containment, there are plenty of Ghostbusters links.

*edit* Wrote the blog post tonight. ... act-pages/

I also made (well modified) a new graphic to go along with that page. If their is a site you want to add or possibly remove if isn't needed, let me know.

GBNJ Links

Also per Greg's request and from links i added in this thread (pg. 7) I edited our Contact page. It now has links to our social media, a bit of recruitment, and a link to this thread.
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By ImLost3
After a fun Jersey Shore Comic Convention where we, along with our colleges from the great white north... Jersey were unsuspecting guests of honor, we decided that our website's URL was way too long to give out verbally we corrected that for the future.

For the first time I publicly present...
By El Chorko
I know most f you saw this on Facebook, but since not everyone on here is on there I'll post it up here

If you have not made a bio for so it and send it to Rich so we can become the "One Franchise to Rule Them All" (Sorry for the LOTR reference)

We have events about Every weekend in March- Monster Con, Toms River Comic Con, Expo 9, Big Apple Con, and Jeffe knows of something in Delaware as well I think.

I will be making a printing run (my dad owns a printing shop) of new invoices and possibly some other paper products, stickers business cards pamphlets, hand outs etc. If you have something you may want to design and make let me know by the end of January so I have enough time to prep and print

That is all
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By ImLost3
To celebrate a fresh restart for 2017 we commissioned a new logo:

Huge thanks to Jason Juniewicz for the awesome logo.

PS- Don't get us confused with Ghostcorps NJ. We are not affiliated with that group.

Ghostbuters NJ can now be found on facebook at
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By Foxtrot785
Actually it was formed 7'months prior to the fall out due to your own actions and lack of actions and disrespect constantly . Keep bad mouthing us all you want , you make yourself look worse . Still carrying on and just can't let it go we are doing our own thing
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By ImLost3
Nobody is bad mouthing anybody here. This topic was purely to show off our new logo, which we are very proud of and let's keep it at that.

anything other than that should be discussed away from this message board.
By Foxtrot785
Neither was you making the comments regarding another franchise saying formed by someone who was disgruntled when in fact that's far from the case. Discussions were tried to be handled privately , but you chose to not want to speak or be bothered, yet this constant little comments and jabs seem to be popping up. Let it go it's over and done with. Grow up
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