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By Spengs
Bill: No one's saying you can't see Ghostbusters more then once in theaters this time around. 8) Thankfully we don't have to drive to Succasunna.

If I had to guess, (why would I have to?) the little its being talked about, others are aiming to see it Friday night. i'm not completely sure. Unfortunately we know "the" day, location, and screening time isn't going to work for everyone in the franchises.
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By Spengs
All: Jody from North Jersey Ghostbusters posted about the 30th Anniversary screenings through the secure chat on Facebook.

Alright. Wayne AMC wants us on Saturday the 30th of this month for their Ghostbusters Showing. 7PM Movie showing. The general Manager wants us there by 6.
SHE also said that if we could come any other days that the movie was showing that would be great!!
It is showing through September the 4th.
What days are you all able to come?
Who can come on Saturday?
I need to give her a head count in a couple days.
AND the movie is FREE for anyone in gear!!!!
This was my reply/outloud thinking:


Saturday would be better really only because of the travel. As I said I worked at that AMC a couple of decades back. I spent plenty of nights there until pretty late. I wouldn't really want to have to make the drive back on Friday night.

I'll see what Bill (who isn't on here) plans are, for the screenings. Even though FREE is good, as a larger group is Clifton Commons AMC and Monmouth Mall AMC being ruled out?

I just realized the general manager would like us to come to the 7 show. I guess 4:10 would work better. Either way some of us will be driving part of the day/night.

I understand, Clifton Commons AMC has 1:15 screening on Sat, Aug 30th. Even with traveling, as a group we may be able to do more.

Of course whether one from the groups sees a screening once or more, people will go to the theaters on the day/night and the showtimes that work best for them.

Current thoughts:

I know i use to live in the area, Clifton Commons on Saturday afternoon seems more ideal also because of the area. Obviously not convenient for everyone, with some of us traveling anyway, more time for that, have fun, actually see the movie, and possibly do more as a group. AMC in Wayne would be kinda similar. Yeah, free ticket is nice, traveling there isn't free.
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By Interceptor9C1
When are you planning on going to the AMC Hamilton? I can probably make the trek up.

Also Cinemark in Somerdale NJ is showing it every day between Aug 29 and Sept 4. Anyone up for heading down to Camden County?

Ill be going to Cinemark, shooting for later sunday and trying to get my ecto on the road for it
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By Interceptor9C1
Didn't realize many members were right in my area. In Blackwood, work in cherry hill. So if you see an olds ambulance Ecto, its me
By vernonfire
Hello from actual northern nj( Sussex county, Vernon township) . I'm all alone up here, the closest other member is an hour south of me(Jody). Hopefully there will be some events I can attend, currently most are too far
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By Spengs
Hey there "Veron", glad you decided to post. You might be closer to Jeffe whose in Delaware. Maybe you can help us in terms of events already going on in Sussex county. Only thing I can think of "close" is Chiller Theater. Which as of now I don't know if its on the franchises radar.

Tell us a little about yourself if you want. Who are you? :lol: You have any uniforms or "equipment?"
By vernonfire
Hi , my name is Frank. I'm 34 and from Vernon nj, where I am a volunteer firefighter on the Vernon fire department ( hence the screen name Vernonfire) and I work delivering auto parts. I do currently have a uniform modeled off GB 1. As I posted in the slime blowers thread I'm currently working on a slime blower prototype that is based off firefighting SCBA equipment

I'm very creative and handy with tools. I like helping people as I have been a firefighter 11 years and counting, I was also on an ambulance squad.

Anything else just ask, I look forward to chatting or meeting with you all.

and if you don't know where Vernon New Jersey is maybe the names action park, Mountain Creek Ski Resort, Mountain Creek waterpark, or Hidden Valley ring a bell
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By Spengs
Hey Frank, nice to "meet" you, Rich. My grandfather's name was Frank and my uncle's name is Frank. Should be easy enough to remember. :)

Yeah, after I posted originally I saw your board profile. I was starting to ask you if you were a firefighter. I started to tell you some other things, i couldn't "publish" the edited post.

Maybe we can talk more about firefighters in person, Long before Ghostbusters I always had a fascination with firefighters, firetrucks, equipment, and firehouses. I was telling you I have a great respect for firefighters. My dad was a volunteer firemen sometime before I was born in '78. I have a family member by marriage whom I think is a volunteer firefighter, maybe in your county, not sure. They live in Sussex or Warren County. He's also a corrections officer in Essex County. 5 years ago firefighters in the town I grew up in (Belleville) also prevented my childhood apt from catching fire when there was an accidental fire in the downstairs apt. I smelled the smoke long before and fortunately my family left our second floor apt on our own.

Sounds pretty good about the slime blower, handiness with tools, and parts. I really have none of those. :p Others in our franchise do, so as a collective we're ok. 8)
By vernonfire
I was born in Belleville at Clara Maas hospital and I lived non Howard place near st Peter's church till I was 15 then moved up here. I still have family on the same street.

Thank you for the kind words Rich.
As far as events go most are quite a distance away from me. I will def try to get to things that Are within an hour drive( 6 cylinder 2003 jeep liberty, great vehicle, uses a lot of fuel lol)

Yes this prototype blower is going to be def a change from other have seen. Construction starts later this week, and will be done well before Halloween.
It will give a nod to the dancing toaster scene in gb2( not a toaster of course, but other key parts of the scene)
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By Spengs
Frank: No kidding, I wasn't born in Belleville, (raised though) but lived down the street from Clara Maass hospital most of my life. We were on Harrison St. My grandfather, the one named Frank was in Belleville going back to the 30s when he was high school. His high school was what became our middle school on Washington Ave. Family passed along "history of Belleville" knowledge such as when where Clara Maass would later be built was known as "nanny goat hill" because of course goats would graze there. :shock: I've been into town history and usually enjoy history. I still have family in Belleville too.

You're welcome. Yeah, now that we moved to Toms River, most events are far for me too. A reason I can't make them all. What I would have given to have had other fans nearby from late '97 and into the early 2000s.

Look forward to seeing this "prototype" Slime Blower come together and talking more.
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By Spengs
Interceptor9C1: Adam right? I don't remember if I introduced myself to you on the forums, here. I saw your ECTO-1 thread, don't think I made time to post their. Even if you didn't have a classic car turned ECTO or in the making, I'd still welcome you to GBNJ. :-D :-P
By El Chorko
Vernonfire, pleasure to meet you. you are a day late and a dollar short, I just moved out of Vernon in June. I was renting once of the condos at Mountain Creek for work. I'm back down in Camden County now.

The rest of y'all, Tonight Andrew and I are heading to the Krispy Kreme in Collingswood NJ some time after 5 if anyone is in the area PM me for my number if you don't have it already and we can try and meet up

Interceptor you available?
By El Chorko
Has everyone seen the GBNJ films that are on our website? The first episode of Bill's miniseries was just posted.

I too am working on writing a short 4 minifilm series. The first 3 are done and #4 I'm a little stuck on currently. Hopefully filming will start soon.

Does everyone know of the website? Rich can you post up the link for our forum here. If you want in on the website, you just need to write up a short bio of yourself as a ghostbuster and send it to Rich.

Lastly my mom told me about a 1988 black hearse that may be for sale for $3500 with 83000 miles
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By Spengs
Ghostbusters NJ Website

Contact Us

Sorta Social Media

Google Plus

YouTube Channel

Their's also a playlist page set up where all episodes of the series will also be indexed to. ... Bs0QBaXClg


Set up by Jeffe in March 2014.

Ghostbusters New Jersey: The Series

Section of GBNJ which does and will index episodes. ... eb-series/

Episode 1 ... episode-1/

I'll also add a link to our NJ thread here. We probably could have a small links page where that can work nicely.
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By Spengs
I know we're barely past Halloween, their is an event coming up on Sunday, November 16. For some reason someone (probably from my area of Jersey) decided a Jersey Shore Comic Book Show was needed here. They had one last year and they're running it again. I didn't know about it last year. Originally surprising to me, its in Toms River, at the Elks Lodge downtown.

Members of the North Jersey Ghostbusters are scheduled to come. As its in Toms River, its an easy decision for me.

Jersey Shore Comic Book Show

The website basically has a horrendous design. Maybe they'll do a major redesign if they continue to have this con. Maybe they should pay me to work on something. Tickets are...ready for this? $2. We can get in for free if we're wearing our uniforms.

We'll be in good company, GBs are listed above a Jersey chapter of the 501st and an independent Star Trek club. As it should be. 8)
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By Spengs
Sounds good, maybe either during or after the con we can relax at one of the area's fine highway (or off highway) national chain restaurants. :-P

Related, my friend Joe who would like to suit up eventually will be there at an artists table in the main room drawing and selling his art. My friend is a self taught artist who aspires to work in the comic book industry. His name is "prestigiously" listed in the artists section of the Jersey Shore Comic Book Show.
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By Spengs
Greg: Sounds good. I wasn't originally looking that forward to this. As its been shaping up and more of us are going, hopefully it'll be good.

All: I was talking with a Jersey ghosthead named Tom through Facebook. I didn't realize at the time, he's friends with Ronald from GBNJ. Tom was telling me he'll be at the con too. He has a uniform and GB props. Recently another ghosthead he knows, himself, and his young daughter went to H&L #8, probably for Halloween. I posted a slightly doctored pic on the GB Inc. Facebook page. Tom lives in Monmouth county, sounds like at some point we could have another county "covered." 8)
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By ImLost3
Let's set up some plans for this Sunday. What time to we want to meet up? Where? at the con or do we want to meet at Rich's and go over as a group?

BTW. If I have time I'm gonna get some GB2 decals magnetized for the FJ and roll up in style!
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By Spengs
Meeting up at my house could save us on the parking as I have no idea how the parking is at the Elks Lodge. I know its right along one of the main roads. As it is downtown there are parking garages in the area. if anyone needs to leave either between 10-4 or right after the con, it might be better to meet at the con. Afterwards only thing I had in mind was if we can ,hang out in the area and break bread together. I'm for riding in a "company" vehicle, depends on others traveling/plans/schedules on Sunday.

I heard from Ronald earlier this week. He may be staying in the area Saturday night. Supposedly he's bringing his Ecto-Legacy. We could have at least two "Ectos" there. And if Tom comes, his Ecto Vehicle may also be there. By the time we're all there, people might think their's a major disturbance downtown. Nope, only ones causing a disturbance is us. :mrgreen: :-P

*edit* I also read on Facebook that a Batmbole will be at the con. I don't know which version or who it belongs to. I was thinking that Eric guy who brought his TV Batmobile to Monster Mania.
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