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By t0dd
I think yoiu know by now I am in the area. I have had my Ectomobile for 2 years now. I had it in the Hanover Halloween Parade for the last 2 years. I took it through York earlier this year on my way to a car show in Hempfield. If the weather is good I plan on having it in Gettysburg on September 1st at this event: Last year there were two other Ghostbuters up from Baltimore.
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By Letmebleed75
How close is west Chester to Gettysburg? I'm gonna be moving there in march
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By gilmore69
Hey Folks... My fire company is having a screening of Ghostbusters at our outdoor drive in movie-night. It is Scheduled for Saturday September 22nd. Quentin Vol Fire Company's Carnival Grounds. (About 5 mins north of the PA Turnpike Lanc/Lebanon Exit).
The show starts at dusk....
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By gilmore69
Todd that would be great.... I see you have an Ecto-1??? If you could bring that it would be awesome... The Philly Ghostbusters are coming up as well!!!

Should be a fun night out!!! :sigh:
By t0dd
If all goes well I will be driving the Ecto to the movie.

The Hanover Parade is on the 25th. I would not mind at all if you joined us.

On October 20th I may have the car inside the North Hanover Mall. The video arcade has just received a Ghostbusters game from 1989(?). They want to have a kick off day and asked if I could be there. You are welcome to attend that as well.
By Charnel
Looks like we might have two ectos at the movie then.
By t0dd
I think it is fair to say that with all the Ghostbusters and equipment around, that field is going to be the safest one in PA that night.
By t0dd
Hi Derek,

Yes, I was there with my sister and her family. Her husband also dressed up.

It looks like I will be in the Hanover Mall on 10/26. The Time Line Arcade got a 1989 Ghostbusters game and they are doing a promotion for it. The car will probably be in the mall when it opens. Then from 6p to 9p myself and others will be dressed up and in the mall for the event.

My brother-in-law and I will also be at the Hanover Halloween Parade on 10/25. Anyone is welcome to join us. It probably starts at 7pm.

On 10/27 we will be at the New Oxford Harvest Parade. I believe that starts at 4:30p
By dmeluzio22
Thanks a bunch for making it to the Buddywalk. It is always a good time but as a GB fan it was even cooler since you were there.

I have some cool pictures of my kids with your Ecto.

Take care and hope to see you in Hanover.
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By cawensel
hey Todd are you going to be at the New Oxford car show and barbecue thing at the brethren home tomorrow. My 3 year old is very into ghostbusters now and he would be so excited to see the ecto 1 and slimer.

By t0dd
Hi Chris,

Sorry Chris, I did not read this post until after the event. If you came, you noticed that I was not there. I am posting some of our events on our website, I will be at the AACA Museum in Hershey on 8/11/13. The time will be around 11a to 3p or so. This is a GM car show that my local Oldsmobile chapter is attending. Generally, if it is just a car show I do not post it as an event. We do not usually dress up at car shows

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By GhostBustin_84
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Hey Todd,

Just wanted to touch base a lil bit. I am currently living in York and would be interested in hanging out and doing some events and cons with you guys. Not sure how much I'll really be able to get together right now as my ride situation is kinda sketchy and I also help out with a lot of stuff with my church, but any little bit I could possibly get together with you guys would be awesome! I don't know what your thoughts would be on a part-timer participater would be?? Thanks.

By t0dd
Hi Morris,

We are all part-timers. I can't go to everything and neither can the others. I will be adding events to our website after we know we have at least some members attending. You can come on by and introduce yourself if you are able to make it to any of them.


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