For users in: Delaware, Maryland, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, & Washington DC.
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By Ketchum
Okay so I had one of these once a while ago and you know what. I think its time to bring it back. Whos game?

I have at the moment Grey Dickies coveralls that I have been using as my uniform for a few years now, a belt and a home built trap. I have a pack in the works but its more of a "prototype" pack then a standard pack.

Lemme know who wants to do this and we can get the ball rolling.

And for a name I was thinking either Ghostbusters: Maryland or Central Maryland Ghostbusters.

Something I whipped up a while back.
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By Dan AKA
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If you ever decide to come as far south as Virginia Beach look me up, I'd be more than happy to chill with a fellow franchisee.

Welcome back to the buisness.
By Busterchris
I'm in.......Until I move to florida lol

I was thinking the same thing, central maryland ghostbusters, currently have a uniform, goggles and belt, working on having a pack soon hopefully!
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By Ketchum
Alrighty then. Looks like we have a name.
By TurboTrey03
i'm in! i'm on the eastern shore of md tho! salisbury to be exact. my brother and i have uniforms, goggles, and i have a "custom" slime blower. hopefully a pack sometime this year.
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By Ketchum
Cool cool.
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By Ketchum
I added you guys as a friend on myspace.
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By Ketchum
Will had the flu. Will just getting back on my feet. I am still pissed off I missed it.
By BigC
I'm up for it if you're looking for any more busters. but I need someone to build me a proton pack and a ghost trap.
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By Ketchum
Okay so lets get a head count of people interested in this.

And I got another logo idea or banner idea.

And another teaser.

Its a take on that "believe" campaign Baltimore has.
By jscarff3
Ketchum I really like those banner ideas. Believe........Again is awesome!

OK, so it looks like the Baltimore Franchise is going into hiring mode! Myself, NismoJoe, and another buddy of ours started this franchise in 2007. I never really thought of expanding until now seeing the interest on this thread. Other than a few costume contests, parties, and we did one fund raiser last year. We haven't done much. But with more people we could really make an impact in/around the community or if your not into that just have a franchise for fun!! make a few appearances here and there. that's what it's all about really.

I'm going to start a new thread under Baltimore Ghostbusters is Hiring, please reply to the post so we can get a head count of who is interested. That's a good place to start.
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By kregiec
Pasadena , Maryland here!! (Born and raised in South Baltimore) . Have full pack (lights and sound) and uniform! Rocking the Maryland flag on the no ghost patch on uniform of course!
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By rcaudill82
What ever happened to this? I don't ever hear anything about the Baltimore Ghostbusters. This is something I would like to be a part of but I can't get a hold of anyone. Is there still a Baltimore Ghostbusters with acting members? I'd really like to start doing events and going places with other members.
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By rcaudill82
I'm totally game, I've searching for a Maryland franchise for a little while now.
You are in luck. We have launched The Greater Baltimore Ghostbusters. If you are on Facebook you can find our page. We are still getting set up but we are always looking for members.
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