For users in: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, Ohio & Wisconsin.
By Ryudou
Hello everyone,

I’ve always been an unaffiliated ghostbuster since there were no franchises near the small town I’m from, but I’ve just moved up to Columbus. The main topic is a bit lacking on Ohio franchises, but I imagine there are some around here. Looking forward to hanging out with fellow ghostheads if I can find some.
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By deadderek
Just a headsup you're more likely to connect to your local teams via social media these days.

Sadly the forum here just isn't that "hot" these days for franchise related stuff.
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By DarkSpectre
I run the Southeast Ohio Ghostbusters. As far as teams go. Columbus is a great team, The Real Ohio group is based out of Dayton and there's also Cleveland and Northeast Ohio and Black Swamp too. Welcome!
By Ryudou
Awesome, thanks. I’ll check out those links and try connecting that way.
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By tripoli
Black Swamp is here in Toledo. Greg Kissner is down there in Columbus, he has a local group and does quite a bit with the Toledo group.
FantastiCon has been rescheduled for August 22, The Black swamp will have quite a set up there, you are welcome to join the group for the weekend.

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