By fluxchar
hi, ive only made 1 post here guys regarding the anovos. Looks like a solid build and I know a lot of people on here recommend it. I have also seen a ton of things regarding bob and thievery and recast etcetc... a lot of people bash his quality... I have linked the below videos, most of which are reposted by bob himself, (but I have found the original authors as well) and the quality looks legit. No different then anovos or any other pack I have seen from here or ebay built. I guess my question is, even after watching these videos I still want one from bobs prop shop. It comes complete with everything. Im not good with making things, so buying would be my best route. Electronics, sound already built in. I have reached out to a few people who have bought packs from him years ago and they all still say how happy they are with the pack. Again I understand he is disliked her on the board by admins and user alike. but from what I see his stuff looks legit and worth the money. plz check out especially the max power review as his camera is great and it really shows the details of his packs, it looks smooth and not bumping or over painted at all..I would like feedback before dropping this kind of money and if you can recommend anyone who can make me a complete pack, please point me in the right direction. thanks....
(this video really shows off the details and the sleekness of the pack.... not rough like other testimonials on this site. correct me if im wrong)
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By thebigone2087
From a far they look solid. There is thread buried in the forum from a few years ago where member JoeLuna was commissioned to FIX bobs pack. There were a number of structural and cosmetic changes he made to make it serviceable and passable as a nice pack. To me, it has less to do with the quality of the pack vs the quality of the person behind the company. He just isn’t a good person. Regardless of the quality of the pack, that shouldn’t matter if the person making it and selling it is dishonest and been caught outright lying. He stole other people’s hard work to make a dollar for himself and openly admits it. There is a reason he is banned here and the RPF. Your money is spent better elsewhere either at Anovos or on a commission from a member here.

We are here to help everyone in this community. Many people here have been burned by Bob in the past and have had many dealings with him that have been well documented that show what kind of person he is and what kind of company he runs. It just isn’t worth it.
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By fluxchar
that etsy pack looks amazing. Joeluna wants 2500.00 for a semi hero pack. His work looks beautiful. My ownly question now is whats the difference between a 1400.00 pack from etsy and Joes for more then 1000.00....

here is the link for what I would be getting. Top notch in my opinion. ... 6659808766
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By Knowone251
So the big differences are going to be in the details. My vacformed packs have softer edges than a fiberglass pack will. The trade off is that mine is lighter. To keep weight & cost down, I sacrifice some screen accuracy in my build. I use resin cast pieces instead of original hardware, pvc pipe instead of aluminium, etc. Every pack builder has to have a part of the market they're shooting for and I go for people who want something that's easy to wear and a bit more affordable. Joe's work looks stunning, I'd love to have one of his packs. Get what is going to make you the happiest, just not from Bob.
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By ccv66
There is definitely a place for a vac pack. If you already own a Matty wand, ( wouldn't pay ebay prices) but you could build a nice vacuum pack for cheap. Hundreds, not thousands of dollars and go with the most cost efficient and lightest parts.. only you and people on the forum are going to know the difference.. I guarantee no one you'll meet in person will have a clue. '251s pack does fit a niche and it is big price jump to the next tier. You don't want to buy a pack and the regret not spending the extra money, but then where do you draw the line... I think my top tier is buying the anovos $3000 pack then sending that to a pro builder to go through and pimp out
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