By modern homie
I recently got the Spirit goggles and plan on wearing them on my forehead like Ray in the hotel scene. I noticed, though, that when you push them up the top band gets loose and looks pretty cheap. You can tuck it into the back strap but eventually it gets loose again. Has anyone figured out a trick to make it look tight and proper?
By BRD 527
Thats the only way I wear mine as I wear glasses and looking through the goggles really messes with my depth perception. I guess it all depends on your head size too as my top strap doesnt seem very loose at all...

You could remove the fake snap mount for the strap ontop of the goggles, cut an inch or however much out of the top strap to take in the slack then install a proper snap on the strap/goggles or... fold the strap over itself towards the back maybe a half inch to an inch (which would take it in 1-2inch basicly double whats folded over) then double stitch sew it together using a sewing machine :whatever:
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By KennyGardner
Just bought these myself. 20% off, so I bought them on an impulse. Those straps are annoying. The color is also a bit bright, and the “scratches” and “scuffs” are a bit too much. But you get what you pay for, I think. They’ll hold me over until I get a build going for some good DIY ones.

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