Talk about stuff that has nothing to do with Ghostbusters!
By D1gger
I searched and found nothing, but as I've been reading over the threads, it has become clear that several of us do not believe in ghosts.

Personally, I do. I have experienced them more than I care to.

Am I alone in this? Do any of you believe in ghosts? I'm curious to know why or why not.
By roguespectre
I believe ghosts exist, I have not had any experience in it, but I don't see a reason why they couldn't exist. Its the same with aliens, I don't really want to believe that we are all that there is.
By Commander_Jim
I come from a town known as one of Australia's most haunted. Theres just too many people who I know who are sensible, smart people who usually wouldnt give an ounce of thought to the supernatural who have had unexplainable encounters (my mother included) that I have to be open to it. I myself (along with a girlfriend at the time) have had one very strange encounter.
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By Alphagaia
I do not believe in ghosts.
For me it's another excuse for the living to invent a life after death scenario, so death loses a bit of it's sting. Unexplainable things usually have an explanation that mirrors something like the old tribes thinking lighting was created by the chariot of some storm god.

Do I believe there is more then meets the eye?

Sure, I believe in lifeforms beyond our planet because otherwise it would be such a huge,huge,huge,huge, HUGE, waste of space, though we are currently not very well equipped to find it, I'm positive we find life on other planets in the next 50 years or so.

Life after death, however, we have been looking for that so long and never seem to capture proof on it,besides stories, or mistake things as proof just because we cannot explain them yet, like non-liniar time.
By Ecto716
I would be lying if I said Ghostbusters has not had a huge impact in my life. These movies in fact spawned my interest in the Paranormal and History in general. I've always wanted to know the history of places and hear ghost stories so I can "Bust" them when I was younger. Now, when I'm not working I'm usually planning and coordinating events with a local "Para-Historical" group.
What is a Para-History group you might ask? Well, we provide guided tours giving both living and haunted history of a sight, and after dark we host public "Ghost Hunts" people can pay to be a part of so they can witness paranormal activity like they see on some of the more reputable paranormal shows. Right now, our famous sight is in the East Side of Buffalo, NY at the Central Terminal.
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By SpaceBallz
The belief in the paranormal ultimately boils down to a memorable scene in the film "From Dusk Till Dawn."
I don't want to hear anything about "I don't believe in vampires," because I don't f****g believe in vampires, but I believe in my own two eyes, and what I saw, is f****g vampires.
I've seen non-believers turn into believers pretty damn quick when they have a brush with the paranormal.
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By Ecto716
I've seen non-believers turn into believers pretty damn quick when they have a brush with the paranormal.[/quote]

So have I. Its usually the skeptics that have the most activity happen to them on my tours/investigations.
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By Havoc0213
My ex girlfriend, and her mother, would swear up and down that their house was haunted. Never believed it until I started spending time there.

Her and I were sitting in the front office one day, no one else home, and we heard a door slam really hard. Tried looking for the source and could never figure it out. A few months later I was house sitting and experienced the wall knocking they had always told me about. It woke me up the first morning around 5am. I sat up real fast in a bit of a panic because it was loud and coming from the wall next to my head. Of course the knocking stopped when I turned to look at the wall. I tried to go back to sleep but the knocking picked up again just as I started to doze off. The following night, after switching rooms, it happened to me again.

When I told her about it she just reassured me that the ghost is never violent but does likes to play. Comforting.

I remember just after my ex and I met, I went to her house one night and her dog would not take his eyes off the hallway. She claimed it was the ghosts but that was back when I thought she was joking. To clarify, they no longer had the dog, or any animal, during the times I experience those other odd occurrences.
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By holtzmanned
I spent some time with my family in Maine a few years back and we decided to try a "ghost tour" just for fun. My cousins and I were all really into the TV shows about ghost hunting but we didn't really believe in any of it.

While we were on the tour we were taking lots of pictures and probably annoying everybody with our shutter-clicking, but it was all fun and we weren't expecting to get anything. Needless to say, we were pretty surprised when one of us got a figure standing in a window and the other didn't - although we shot pretty much at the same time.

We talked to the owners of the building the next day, and apparently the room where we saw the ghost was an apartment - but it had been vacant for about a year.

We were pretty spooked, but it made believers out of all of us.
By ghostHunter22
yes I believe in ghosts, never seen any ghost myself and I don't want to seen it, I think I'm not strong enough. I will die if I see someone standing in front of me and it won't be a person.
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By doctorevil30564
I grew up in a house that was about a half mile away from a church with a graveyard. Had several instances of weird incidents growing up. The one that stands out the most was being woken up to the sensation of an ice cold hand grasping my leg just above my ankle, which faded away about 30 seconds later. Only happened once, but scared the crap out of me. I've always been of the opinion that when someone dies their spirit hangs around for a while before it crossed over. Who knows, maybe this was a spirit trying to communicate with someone before they crossed over.
By Mike Verta
The theory of relativity thoroughly cast the concepts of past and future to the winds; so much so that millions of dollars are spent exploiting this truth in the analysis of subatomic structures with high-energy, temporally-warped rays every day. For us, trapped in a linear, unidirectional causality, the illusion of past and future is a stubborn one to shake, but truth is stranger than fiction it turns out.

On this, I have often wondered if spirit sightings weren't temporal echoes of spacetime events. I think extreme emotion somehow enhances a spacetime event's temporal imprint, such that it lingers. We know that extreme emotional power seems to facilitate premonitions and visions in mothers of children in distress - there are absolutely countless anecdotes about that. And everyone reading this has had multiple experiences when they "just knew" something before it happened; or had an instinct (we usually ignore) which was later justified. In almost all cases, the power of these premonitions is proportional to the emotional charge involved. I can certainly understand why the murder of a child, or deep crippling regret could leave localized impressions in the "ether" of time.

"Say like... if someone burns toast," as the man said.

But who knows.

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By aki33
I never really believed in ghosts but had an experience in 1984 in Kauai. Just came home from my job as a professional musician at a local club and was staying with a friend for part of the summer because our landlords came on vacation. It was full moon with very few clouds and about midnight. My husband was asleep when I climbed into bed. I laid there for a while unable to sleep and had a strange feeling that someone was in the room. Hawaiian moonlight is very bright and it was almost as bright as daytime. I sat up and looked at the doorway where the door was open. There was a woman standing there. She was translucent and as though made of white mist, very short, of Asian descent and wearing a flimsy garment.. I was in total shock as I am not a drinker or drug user. She seemed upset or worried. I woke up my husband and asked him if he could see the woman. He could not see anything. The discussion continued for at least 5 minutes and I would look away hoping she would leave but each time I looked towards the doorway, she was closer to the bed. After doing that 4 or 5 times, I put my head under the covers and hung on to my husband. He never saw anything.. In the morning, I asked my friend why she did not tell me about the ghost. Her comment was wow you saw the ghost. The old timers here told me that the ghost of a woman was in the house. There is a graveyard on the hill above the home. My son told the story to a friend of his. This friend thought it might be the ghost of his great-grandmother who perished in a tsunami in that area as she was going to try and save some children. She looked so worried. My theory is that these ghosts are in another dimension of sorts and some of us have the receiver capabilities in our brain to see them. A few days later, our local paper ran a story on the mass ghost sightings that seem to be happening around the island. I never reported my story but reading others stories validated my experience that ghosts are REAL.
By caruters
yes I believe in ghosts, never seen any ghost myself and I don't want to seen it, I think I'm not strong enough. I will die if I see someone standing in front of me and it won't be a person.
My thoughts exactly.
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By timeware
yes I believe in ghosts, never seen any ghost myself and I don't want to seen it, I think I'm not strong enough. I will die if I see someone standing in front of me and it won't be a person.
My thoughts exactly.
I haven't seen one yet. Closest I've come to an encounter is standing in a shop in Gettysburg hearing something like breathing behind me. Gave me damn goose bumps and I can tell you the bullet holes in the wall left over from the Civil War added a little extra creepiness to it.
I can handle the image of a spook appearing in front of me. Iv'e investigated too many places to outright deny the existence of Ghosts. However, if a hunted doll walks into the hallway my bowels will evacuate and I'm running like a little bitch.
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By Zharthaddeus
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Well, I can't exactly say what I saw was a ghost. But it sure was a human object I couldn't see through.

I've kept this experience to myself for decades and finally shared it with my brother a couple of years ago.
Anyway, I was seventeen, it was 1972 and I was awakened by someone pulling my feet. Yes, at the time I
was sleeping but I immediately opened my eyes from what I called, "shock-sleep". I got my bearings and looked
at the end of my twin bed. The feeling of cold hands around my ankles were real. The black hooded figure
never moved but continued pulling my feet. Trying to scream I was so frightened I panicked and froze. As the
sheets and blankets started to cover my face, I gathered up enough strength and pulled myself back to the top
of the bed. I looked over the bedding again, and it was still standing there with the reflection of the snow outside
back lighting its body. As I covered my face again, I wanted it to disappear. It finally did. I remained awake until
morning, never forgetting that night. To this very day, I can not walk through my house without turning on the
lights and looking down my darken hallway wishing I don't come across that same visitor.

I am 1/8 Native American and I remember as a child my grandmother and aunt would tell me the wonderful
things I would experience growing up but never to be afraid of them.
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By Zharthaddeus
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What I have left out, seriously, was the wet impressions left in the carpet. It gives me goosebumps as I text this.
By EgonMacGyver
I do. I tend to want hard evidence for most things, but I've had a few inexplicable things happen. As Egon says in TMNT/Ghostbusters, "It's conservation of energy as applied to the soul."
By 80sguy
I do. "Ghost" is just a pretty word for demonic spirit.
Actually, demonic spirit and ghost are typically considered two different things. A ghost is the spirt of person that was once living, while a demonic spirt was never alive at all.
By GBfan77
Ghosts don't exist and are all in the mind
I don't think so. The concept of Ghosts have been around since recorded history, maybe even longer. People do see and experience the strange and unusual. It can't all be dismissed as swamp gas or "All in the Mind." there's something to it, but whether it's a human soul or a yet to be discovered natural phenomenon we may never know for sure. It's one of those things that will probably never be properly studied.
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By timeware
I used to be a skeptic. I've had few experiences ghost hunting to prevent me from saying somethings not there. While I try to find the source of the "phenomena" some things can't be explained away by moving curtains.

I will bet if you stay at the Stanley hotel, or waverly hills sanatorium you'll be changing your mind on the ghost's don't exist issue pretty damn quick.

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